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Why do we use PLC panels?

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) panels are used to control and automate electrical appliances, devices and systems. These panels use a computer that is programmed with software to carry out one or more tasks. PLCs are also used in Industrial Control System (ICS) and SCADA systems.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) panels are programs that are written with electronic code to control various machines and systems. They function similar to a computer but have more power. PLC panels allow us to build complicated systems of computers, sensors, and actuators that are extremely efficient.

Know your PLC panel

All PLC control systems include the panel structure and the internal components such as transformers, terminal blocks, HMI and more. Depending on the application and the user’s criteria, control panels are designed accordingly.

The main function of a PLC panel is to control the functions of the factory. A PLC panel will have a CPU board, which is basically an electronic device that has its own memory and processor. This board communicates with other devices such as sensors, motors and switches etc. through I/O ports. The CPU boards are usually connected via serial ports or Ethernet ports to other computers such as PCs. These computers are commonly called Industrial Computers (or PC).

Purpose of PLC Panels

PLC panels have a variety of uses in industrial fields. They can eliminate manual tasks that require effort to carry out, which ultimately reduces costs and can also save time and increase efficiency.  The purpose of a PLC panel is to give the user the ability to control and monitor the entire process. The most common application of this panel is in food processing plants and manufacturing facilities.

In a food processing plant, the PLC panel will control all of the machinery used in the process. This can include temperature control, water levels, speed settings for machinery, etc. The main benefit of using a PLC panel over other types of automation systems is that it allows for more precise control over specific functions within an industrial environment than traditional manual controls would allow.

The two main purposes of PLC panels are as follows:

  1. Control processes: Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) panels are used to control the logic of a plant, building or similar facility. Used extensively in various industries, PLC panels help control and monitor functions, such as the movement of automated equipment and manufacturing processes.
  2. Safety procedure: The main purpose of PLC panels is to also providing safeguards against failure. Panel sensors are also known as feedback devices that can be used as fail-safe devices in complex systems like factory automation and critical infrastructure, where safety is an important consideration.

Why do we use PLC panels?

PLC can operate and control large numbers of input and output devices independently. PLCs can be networked with each other and used for various purposes. There are specific ways where PLC panels come into the forefront when it comes to automating business processes. Here are a few ways PLC panels make your work easier:

  1. PLCs come into play if there is any need to change the program during operation.
  2. PLC panels also enable remote monitoring and programming from a safe distance.
  3. Given the need to write the program in different languages, PLC panels make the job easy. PLC panels are favoured in a lot of industries and manufacturers because of this function.
  4. Monitoring output and input conditions are simple with PLC panels.
  5. The architecture of the PLC panel is designed in such a way that it can be easily replaced, if required.
  6. PLC panels are designed to be more flexible compared to any other panels. It is extremely easy to replace any of the programmable components in a PLC panel.

PLC panels are a great way to organize and control complex equipment. The use of PLC panels will increase the efficiency of your work and most importantly, PLCs are more reliable than any other electrical devices and components. So the question really is, why don’t we use PLC panels to upgrade our businesses?

If you are thinking what’s better than a PLC panel for your brand, Messung offers even more control with personalized PLC control panels. With Messung automation, you can choose the internal components of your PLC so that we can customize it to suit your industry needs.