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Why Choose Messung IAC for Your PLC Needs?

Messung IAC PLC

In today’s fast evolving market, every industry needs to adopt the latest technology to stay ahead of the game. Without efficiency, precision and reliability, your business is at risk of falling behind. This need for transforming at the pace of change gives rise to the demand for automated solutions, particularly the programmable logic controllers or PLCs to augment your operations and efficiency. Adapting the right automated solutions for your business can be life changing for your industry performance. That’s why you need a strong partner like Messung Automation by your side.

If you are considering taking your automation and controls up a notch, you have come to the right place. Adding automated systems to your industrial processes enhances productivity and reduces errors while managing energy consumption and offering easier controls. Read on to learn why you should choose Messung IAC for your programmable logic controller needs.

Unmatched expertise and experience

With over three decades of experience in industrial automation, Messung IAC has earned the reputation for excellence across industries. We utilize our industry knowledge to evolve our products to solve problems and match the latest industry standards while meeting the market needs. That’s why our products perform impeccably and are favoured by industry stalwarts.

Not only that, we have an efficient service team in place. Our strong support team consists of seasoned engineers and domain experts who rely on their skills and experience to deliver reliable services including knowledge transfer, training and troubleshooting assistance. 

Cutting edge technology

Innovation is the core of Messung’s values. We pursue excellence by adapting state-of-the-art technological infrastructure. Our advanced programmable logic controllers offer enhanced performance utilizing IoT and AI/ML features. Our industrial automation solutions facilitate HVAC system maintenance, increase efficiency of equipment and optimizes energy consumption by leveraging the latest available technology.

We offer exceptional technology solutions to meet your business needs from energy optimization to automated processes. With our customizable IAC systems, we can cover all your requirements while enabling you to benefit from maximum efficiency, flexibility, and cost effectiveness.

Commitment to sustainability

Messung is a highly responsible corporate entity and we take commitment to sustainability seriously. We are dedicated to modernizing India’s infrastructure and we know that without greener, intelligent facilities management, revolutionizing the tech landscape cannot be possible.

That’s why we deliver the new standard in building & infrastructure control solutions, designed to meet the highest norms of green stewardship, scalability and durable performance. If you opt for our solutions, you will have a sustainable foundation that supports and evolves with your industry’s life cycle, helping you achieve over 30% savings in energy and operational costs while maximizing occupant comfort and productivity.

Comprehensive product portfolio

Messung is all about smart industrial automation solutions in the field of PLC Manufacturing. The recently launched XMPRO-10 PLC and our in-house developed Programming software the XMPS-2000 is the beginning of many more very sophisticated products that are in the pipeline, with faster and better execution times. 

Messung focuses on increasing efficient features so that our solutions offer optimizable aspects for easier accessibility and flawless performance. That’s why our products utilize simple connectivity, Cloud functionality with AI and Machine learning features.

Reliability and durability

At Messung, we are conscious about the harsh conditions PLCs must withstand in the various industries we serve. Therefore, we ensure that your programmable logic controller is sturdy to endure high pressure environments. We know that a good PLC must be equipped to deal with common challenges experienced by Indian industries, such as harsh environments, power fluctuations, and diverse application needs.

Durability is another important factor for any product we produce. When it comes to PLCs, we make sure that our solutions are long lasting with easy troubleshooting and self-diagnostic features embedded.

Messung – your PLC partner

Messung is the leading Industrial Automation company serving globally and India wide to a variety of industries. We supply automation solutions like Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC), Integrated Building Management System (IBMS), Internet of Things (IoT), Building Automation and Controls (BACD), Energy Management System (EMS) and other ways to optimize operations and increase revenue. 

From training your resources to optimize performance to preventing issues and providing support in case of default, we provide end-to-end services. Our customer support is open any time you need so that you can rest easy with Messung PLC running your business smoothly. Choose Messung today for optimal industry functions.