The IEC 61131-3 - compliant solution for any automation system

NX-ERA Premium Programmable Logic Controller from Messung is a modular PLC system able to control in a distributed and redundant way, complex industrial processes, high performance machines and production lines.

High availability, advanced diagnostics and hot swapping modules make NX-ERA Premium the perfect PLC automation system for non-stop applications. The Integrated Distributed Control Systems (DCS) features, programming and configuration environment based on IEC 61131-3 standard, help to speed up development and reduce engineering and commissioning costs.


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Bus expansion rack

High performance and advanced features for systems with a large number of I/Os

Distributed systems

More reach to your control network, ideal for building automation, refrigeration and sanitation

High availability

CPU redundancy and hot swap modules, perfect for non-stop applications

Other Features

IEC 61131-3

High Speed CPU

Hot Swapping

Large Memory

OTD (One Touch Full Advanced Diagnostics)

OFD (On Board Full Documentation)

Industry 4.0

BFO (Battery Free Operations)

Multiple protocols - ProfibusDP, OPC, Modbus, Ethernet, Ethernet IP up to 2048 I/O

EPS (Easy Plug System)


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Water & Sewage Treatment

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Energy Management/ Power

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For four decades, Messung has been at the forefront of industrial automation in India.

A reliable and experienced PLC manufacturer, Messung is committed to innovation and brings advanced automation solutions to empower enterprises and enable excellence.

Why Messung?

  • Technology pioneer and market leader since 1981
  • World-class in-house R&D centre
  • Tie-ups with global companies for products & technologies
  • World-class industrial automation products at affordable price
  • All-India reach & 24x7 service support
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