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Integrating PLCs with IoT for Smart Manufacturing

PLCs or Programmable Logic Controllers have disrupted a wide range of industries with revolutionary solutions. Add to it the automated wonders of the Internet of Things (IoT) and we have got Smart Manufacturing that excels in every area of business. Smart manufacturing, upgraded with advantageous benefits of IoT and equipped with an effective PLC system plays ahead of the game in all market environments by making production faster, easier and with minimal room for error.

But how do PLC and IoT work together to take smart manufacturing to new and exciting heights? Read on to find out the plus points of smart manufacturing ecosystems and how it can advance your business.

When PLC meets IoT

PLCs are specialized computers that control specific processes in manufacturing cycles. PLCs are crucial to industrial automation as they ensure precision, reduce errors and executes repetitive tasks with ease and effectiveness. Managing inputs and outputs, controlling machinery, managing processes are some of the tasks PLCs excel in. 

IoTs involve connecting various devices and systems to the internet so that they can function as a unit and communicate among each other. When it comes to manufacturing, IoT can be infused to machineries and processes so that they can share real-data and operators can use them to ensure smooth working. 

Combining IoT into PLCs will allow PLCs to control operations and machinery while being connected to several devices at once and share data and insights at the same time. Interacting with a vast network of data will expand the reach of PLCs and allow them to interact with broader ecosystems of machines and reach cloud-based platforms as well.

Why integrate PLC and IoT

As industries become comfortable with the connected processes of IoT and automated convenience of PLCs, the integration of these two tech giants is the next evolutionary stage of industry automation, and not without cause. This technological marriage promises a storehouse of benefits for smart manufacturing. There are numerous advantages of connecting IoT and PLC.

Enhanced connectivity

PLCs operate locally and connect machines and operations in a limited space. With the expansive network of IoT, PLCs can connect to larger networks and expand their capacity. Large industries often have several operation components occurring side by side across various locations. IoT-backed PLCs allow seamless communication among these distinct components and allow for free-flow of information across them for optimized processes.

Real-time monitoring and analytics

In manufacturing, the marriage of PLCs and IoT has ushered in a new era of intelligent analytics. Smart connected systems within your business allows for constant monitoring providing real-time insights via consistent data collection. Smart systems feed this data into your operations to enhance its processes while offering crucial data such as temperature, pressure, production rate.

Predictive error prevention

Constant monitoring data allows the smart system to predict errors and possible defaults and correct them in advance. Advanced data analytics helps not only identify fallacies and anomalies but also show where there is room for optimized operations. This data can enable your handlers to improve processes and prevent equipment failures. Operators can also trace and track deviations from quality standards across the production journey and maintain compliance and meet regulation guidelines.

Optimized profits

IoT-integrated PLCs can help businesses prevent deficiencies, reduce downtime and optimize production. Steep maintenance costs are also eliminated by identifying the exact cause of possible failures and remedying them in time. Overall equipment effectiveness is enhanced with the help of smart automated operations.


In today’s fast-evolving technological market, without integrating the latest advancements in tech, your business is sure to be behind. We at Messung stay away from a one-size-fits-all approach. We believe every business is unique and so, we offer personalized solutions to equip your operations with smart solutions. Our PLCs come with a variety of features, customizable options and cater to many different needs, as do our IoT systems. Our excellent service team will ensure smooth knowledge transfer to train your operators for a flawless transformation into smart systems. Thanks to Messung, you have a reliable solution at hand to integrate PLC and IoT in your operations. With faster and error-free automations and ready service at your fingertips, you are in safe hands with Messung’s smart products. Stay ahead of the market, always. With Messung. Contact us today to learn more.