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General Purpose Automation

Messung harnesses its decades of experience in industrial automation to custom design and manufacture General Purpose Automation solutions for varied equipment in diverse application areas.

Messung’s cutting-edge technology in PLC systems, remote I/Os, servo drives, VFDs, etc. enables high-performance, flexible machines that are information-enabled, and easy to integrate. They deliver real-timed diagnostics and maximise control, optimising safety, speed, productivity and efficiencies – for the competitive edge.

PLC control systems

Modern utilities rely on automation to monitor and control their systems. They also depend on automatic systems to protect their network and investment.

Messung develops and delivers PLC systems that can be deployed in central utility plants for integration, remote monitoring and automated control of mechanical-electrical systems. As a result, users achieve greater reliability, visibility, energy savings and operational efficiency.

Useful for applications such as Compressor Control, Industrial Cooling Towers, Pump Management, Diesel Gensets and Industrial Chillers.