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Servo and Motion Controls in India

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Servo and Motion Control Automation

Messung offers a range of automation technologies to help bring greater control and higher productivity to the factory floor. We deliver fully integrated, future-proof solutions incorporating programmable logic controllers, motion control systems, servo drive products, VFDs, HMIs and much more – to bring flexibility, consistency and long-term availability for factory automation.

We have joined hands with two of the world’s leading brands for Servo & Motion Controls technology: Fuji Electric, Japan and Sigmatek, Austria. These associations bring added value to our sophisticated servo solutions.

scada and power system automation

“Green Energy” is the trend – whether we use Solar Panels or Wind Energy, efficient use of the Sunlight & Wind by orienting the Solar Panels & Propellors to maximise energy generation require high-end Control Solutions. This applies also for Bio-gas plants.  
Messung has extensive experience in energy automation and provides highly modern control technology for the generation, distribution and conversion of alternative energy.

The right automation components can be selected from our modular system toolkit. For special requirements, our many years of know-how allow us to implement customer-specific complete solutions within the shortest time.

The high performance automation system enables the control and networking of distributed, decentralized energy generation and conversion systems, including efficient energy management.

A simple to handle “Engineering Tool” helps to reduce development costs and implement applications faster. Integration with primary networks via common interface connections such as our high-speed “Ethernet Interface” enable remote maintenance and operation via Cloud/IOT, on Tablets and Smart Phones.