Leading process automation solutions for textiles and pulp

With decades of industry experience and our expertise in new technology, we develop advanced manufacturing process automation and control solutions to meet the varied demands of the Textile & Pulp industries. Our integrated automation solutions enhance speed and productivity, deliver energy savings and maximise your automation investment with long-term, sustainable outcomes.

Our experience provides the edge

Our knowledge, years of expertise and ability to integrate third-party products to systems that use proprietary technology help us deliver flexible, cost-effective solutions to end-users and integrators.

Energy efficiency in production processes

The solutions we develop require small amounts of power to operate, resulting in reduced power consumption of your production process.

Optimising business performance

For the main processes of the Pulp & Paper industry, such as chip production, baking, depuration, delignification, bleaching, drying, packaging, etc., we offer the most advanced control & operation solutions.

Modernising for productivity

For the most varied machines and processes of the textile industry, such as boiler, scraper, spinning, knitting, weaving, washer extraction, finishing, confection, etc., we develop and implement cutting edge solutions.