industrial automation & control solutions in India

Mining, metallurgical and steel solutions for sustainable development

Our products and integrated automation solutions are designed for robust performance in critical environments, and ensure high levels of safety, reliability and production capability. Whether building a greenfield project or modernising an old one, our tailored automation solutions for mining processes enable visible information, constant monitoring and analysis for increased uptime combined with improved asset availability.

PLC manufacturer in India

Maximise production with sustainability

Our broad portfolio of turnkey solutions ensures operation and development of industrial plants keeping a sharp eye on the health of workers and environment.

scada and power system automation

Advanced technology for severe environments

The ruggedness and high protection of our products ensure perfect operation and high performance of all processes in mining, processing and mineral processing - in even the most challenging environment.

scada system control panel in India

Security and efficiency in mining

Modernising the processes of crushing, strapping, sieving, storage, recovery, pressing, processing, separation, washing and loading of iron ore, as well as infrastructure systems - for security above and below ground.

industrial automation control panel

Empowering the transformation industry

Enabling supervision and total control over production lines and processes such as preparation, washing, reduction, conversion, furnaces, beneficiation, sintering, refining, continuous casting, lamination, conformation, inspection, transportation, etc.