industrial automation & control solutions in India

Automation for optimisation in the food & beverage industry

We design and implement a wide portfolio of integrated automation products, systems and solutions that enable players in the Food & Beverage manufacturing sector to secure reliable processing, enhance energy efficiency and increase manufacturing flexibility, accuracy, uptime and yield.

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For stronger, healthier plants

For growing vegetables or animal farming, our high technology programmable controllers in solutions for atmospheric control allow complete management of all variables linked to the process such as humidity, air pressure and quality, irrigation, feeding control, plague tackling, and others.

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Meat conservation and fruit ripening

Together with integrator partners, we develop and implement integrated automation solutions for climate control for controlling maturation of harvested fruits, as well as refrigeration for cold chambers and meat freezing tunnels.

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Processing with quality and accuracy

Our programmable controllers aid and enable management of storage, transport, analysis, cooling, treatment, pasteurisation, cooking, drying, evaporation, reindeer, packaging, bagging and loading, in addition to other processes in different areas of the food industry.

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Our automation intelligence forms the technological base to ensure smooth operations in breweries, distilleries, juice industry and coffee processing plants.