industrial automation & control solutions in India

Asset performance and the competitive edge for the Chemical industry

The chemical industry faces many challenges. Aging infrastructure, tough regulatory compliance, volatile markets and more. Our integrated automation solutions deliver flexibility and profitability as we help reduce energy consumption, enable better use of data, enhance control and plant availability.

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Integrating all systems in your production cycle

From delicate lab procedures to the most critical field processes, our technology integrates all the systems ensuring full control and high productivity at all stages of your production process.

Automation and Control Panel Systems India

Better informed decisions, faster

Chemical factory automation & control enable rigorous measurement and accuracy of data which allow plant operators to take informed and assertive decisions faster, for improved plant efficiencies.

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Protection and productivity delivered

The petrochemical industry demands high availability, stability of process and safety of workers. Our rugged products and high-performance solutions ensure reliability of your process while protecting people from being exposed to hazardous materials.

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Precision and standardisation at your fingertips

Discover more efficient production and greater degree of standardisation with our processing solutions for control, monitoring and analysis of the processes of pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.