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Demand for better visibility and flexibility in the manufacturing process

The rising requirement for automobiles has led to the introduction of different production processes resulting in the utilisation of remote monitoring devices in the manufacturing facilities.

To cater to the complexities and maintain lower idle time in the industries, Messung has integrated automation solutions that improve the visibility and flexibility of the Automotive production process.

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Control access and daily backups

Available both in Light and Full versions, the solution also allows the user to manage the departure authorisations and supervise the transport of the load, as well as offering daily backups of the database.

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We mould the system according to your demands

Its complete architecture consists of configuration modules, parameters, logging, product movement, measurement manager, stock and reports. This structure can be customised to suit different types and needs of businesses.

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Integration and redundancy between instruments

Composed of a web interface for logging and configuration and a SCADA system for process monitoring, the system counts on two redundant servers connected through a network with presets and a Nx-ERA Series rack.

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Access to reports for decision-making

Another facility implemented in the platform is the Dashboard tool, which allows the user to access graphs and screens with ordering information and system reports.